Tuesday, 24 January 2012

lush list 2012

Okay so 2012, is meant to be my year according to the Chinese, so lets keep our fingers crossed. This year I'd like to achieve the below, or at least buy.. Please feel free to donate any of the below!! 

The year of the PERFECT brow

The year of the little black dress, long sleeves a must!!

Hello, I think I LOVE you, Bottega Veneta braid bag

Burberry mac, leather sleeves, YES PLEASE

A MUST in anyones bag wardrobe surely? Celine luggage tote

Clube Bossa couture, I'm thinking... IBIZA??

Huxley tote, British and amazing. I love you Anya

The year I introduce apple into my life

Time to go back to Cala Conta, Ibiza! 

The year of Bottega, just need 4k...

I've been after these for god kows how long.. i NEED them. This year i WILL get them, somehow

A Chanel Rucksack, because I can(sort of)

YSL cover for my new ipad? yeah okay.
The year I get a J12

So pretty much might need a payrise? Thanks.

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