Sunday, 19 February 2012

I'm well behind, BUT

MY FAVOURITE LOOKS from the Alice + Olivia AW12 Presentation. this is why I LOVE my job...

Thank god I bought that Mac, Cyber lippy.. representing aren't I.. 

Friday, 10 February 2012


Zara Lush List, I want it all.
ankle studded toe, 119

sequin blouse top, 39.99

City Bag with zip, 119

Coltskin shopper, 89.99

Crew neck jacket,  69.99

crochet shorts, also in black + taupe 25.99

Dress with strass collar,  39.99

'fashion' high heel sandal 69.99

High heel platform sandal, 49.99

High sandals with buckles, 49.99

Peter Pan collar tee 25.99

Studded shopper, also in army green, 119

tie dye shirt, 29.99

I'd like all, thanks


Since as long as I can remember I have been trying to track down a green army jacket with leather black sleeves, I have spoken to a few leather designers and WAS working on getting it commissioned... BUT.

Zara have only just gone and done it!! I can't believe it!! I saw it in their a few months ago and have been trying to track it down, and its NOW finally on their website!!! 79.99.. yesssss!!!

The Safari Jacket

High street loves

February is possibly my hardest month. at least its short. However I cannot bare to look at designer clothes as the reality of it is so far away so I've picked out a few of my high street loves..
Brics Paris black 240 euro

Urban Outfitters, Deena and Ozzy strappy block, £145

Monkey, Mila sunset pulp

Asos quilt jacket, £55

French Connection ribbon knit, £110

French Connection, ribbon knit £130
Warehouse slouchy boyfriend blazer £85

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

all about KARL.

My top 5.. howevs, I'd love ALL... cept the jumper with his face on..

Ordina biker dress, 225

Blanca PVC shirt, 175

cracked leather collar 125

safa metallic leather skirt, 325

sequin leggings, 245 for the rest of this amaze collection

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

lush list 2012

Okay so 2012, is meant to be my year according to the Chinese, so lets keep our fingers crossed. This year I'd like to achieve the below, or at least buy.. Please feel free to donate any of the below!! 

The year of the PERFECT brow

The year of the little black dress, long sleeves a must!!

Hello, I think I LOVE you, Bottega Veneta braid bag

Burberry mac, leather sleeves, YES PLEASE

A MUST in anyones bag wardrobe surely? Celine luggage tote

Clube Bossa couture, I'm thinking... IBIZA??

Huxley tote, British and amazing. I love you Anya

The year I introduce apple into my life

Time to go back to Cala Conta, Ibiza! 

The year of Bottega, just need 4k...

I've been after these for god kows how long.. i NEED them. This year i WILL get them, somehow

A Chanel Rucksack, because I can(sort of)

YSL cover for my new ipad? yeah okay.
The year I get a J12

So pretty much might need a payrise? Thanks.